Jun 21

Everyone looks forward to going on their holidays, we all save up and make sacrifices so we can enjoy those one or two special weeks away that we have booked. We all look forward to eating nice food, seeing sights and taking in new cultures. However there are certain serious things you that you need to consider before you go on holiday. One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should get travel insurance. Some people would never even think about leaving the country without getting travel insurance, others however would go on all sorts of sporting holidays and not even consider getting it.

Those people who always opt for travel insurance think that not to buy travel insurance is like “a fire-fighter walking into a burning building without their fireproof jacket on” in other words to go on holiday without travel insurance is going on holiday unprepared. Moreover for many people taking out travel insurance is essential for peace of mind. As said early a holiday abroad is often an emotionally packed purchase that you will look forward to therefore peace of mind is important. The security of knowing that if you are forced to cancel or interrupt your trip due to medical or family emergency, you will be reimbursed so that you can afford rearrange your holiday in the future and you will not be left angry or disappointed as you would be if you had not taken out travel insurance. Moreover another reason people tend to take out travel insurance is due to incremental coverage. More often than not Travel insurance may provide additional coverage beyond what is available from other sources. For example it is not uncommon to go on holiday the flight has gone smoothly arrive at the airport baggage reclaim and after waiting an hour and half you realise that you luggage isn’t go to come out on the conveyer belt and it has been lost or damaged somewhere along the way. If you have travel insurance they will help you sort this out and it is more likely you will get reimbursed if the luggage was lost or stolen.

Furthermore it is not just lost or stolen luggage while travelling that the travel policy will reimburse you for, you are covered for lost and stolen belongings such as sunglasses, however there might be some limits on cash and some individual items, and this is why it is important to be clued up with your travel insurance policy and ensure you read the terms and conditions. On top of this travel insurance can be useful if you have to cut your holiday short due to some unforeseen emergency some policies may pay out to cover your trip back home.

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