Jun 21

When you plan a trip one of the most important decisions that you need to make is whether or to get travel insurance. For many people this is the norm and they would never step out of their home without it. A lot of the time people take out travel insurance for peace of mind. For many travellers this is the main reason to take out travel insurance. The security of knowing that if you have to cancel your trip or it has to be interrupted due to family or medical emergencies, you will be reimbursed so that so that you can afford to reschedule the trip in the future. Moreover travel insurance provides you with incremental coverage. This means that you will be provided with additional coverage beyond what is available from other sources. For example it can boost the reimbursement rate for lost delayed, damaged or stolen bags over airline limits. Furthermore it may provide you with health coverage when you are overseas, and this could include emergency evacuation home.

However, there are some things you should consider before you take out travel insurance. Firstly it may be unnecessary. Often people find that they already have adequate coverage from other sources such as credit cards. Often credit card providers provide holders with travel assistance and travel protection benefits. Moreover you health insurance policy may cover health emergencies while travelling. So it is important to check with your credit card provider or health insurance policy and ensure that if you purchase travel insurance you are not paying for certain coverage twice and wasting your money!

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