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Travel Insurance Top Tip

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The key to making the best decision is to know what coverage you already have and be sure that your travel insurance policy fills any coverage gaps before you get it!

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Have you already planned your next holiday? Hopefully you didn’t forget take out travel insurance!

It’s one of the most important things to think about when going away. It doesn’t matter if you decide to stay in your country, go on a backpacking tour, camping, or fly abroad there are many different travel insurance plans on the market to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if it takes a little time to find one, you will find the perfect solution to your needs. It is very important that you take your time as it can save you a lot of money. For a lot of people having travel insurance creates a great peace of mind.

There are many different policies available, but most of them will cover travel delays, cancellations, missed departures, lost or stolen items, medical treatments or legal expenses. If you think you need additional safety for something, you have to search for companies that provide special options like winter sports cover or terrorist incident cover. Some companies provide special offers for backpackers, people taking part in adventurous activities and the over 65’s.

To secure a great holiday insurance deals shop around. Comparison sites will help you to make a decision. Check the fees and conditions, apply online for your travel insurance and enjoy your carefree holiday!

What Is Insurance?

Insurance is based on risk. Insurance is essentially taken out to protect people against risks like theft, damage, loss, accidents or illness. You pay against something happening to yourself or your property. Insurance companies calculate the likelihood of a theft or accident happening and use this to decide on how much to charge you for the policy. The price that you pay is called the premium and insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of risk. The higher the risk and financial cost of the loss, the higher the premium you will be asked to pay. Essentially, the more likely a person is to make a claim and the larger their claim, the higher their premium will be.

What do I need to know when buying Insurance?

Insurance products can be brought in many ways. You can buy insurance directly from an insurance company, usually over the phone or online. You can also buy insurance from a high street retailer including some supermarkets and banks. You can even purchase insurance alongside another product, for example travel insurance from a travel agent. A great way to buy insurance is through comparison because you can easily compare different products against each other and find the policy most suited to you. Some customers have particular needs or characteristics which may require specialist attention from insurers for example individuals with complex medical histories. Please remember that insurers may choose not to offer cover at all. If you are unable to find cover on a comparison website try contacting insurers directly for more information.

All you need to know about Travel Insurance

Holidays can take a lot of time and energy to plan, not to mention money. Also with the cost of air travel and hotels on the up, a holiday can be a major purchase and it is important to protect your investment which you can do with travel insurance. Failing to take out travel insurance can turn a holiday into a costly financial nightmare. Most people when going overseas will have a trouble free trip. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen and things can go wrong. But having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can be a great help if you have to deal with any number of problems while you are abroad. Travel insurance policies often provide a 24 hour assistance help line that can provide you with help and support at any time. Furthermore they have staff trained to deal with hospitals and doctors abroad in the local language. You can buy travel insurance for a single trip or an annual policy for all trips taken in a year.

Different travel insurance policies cover different things and the risks that are covered will vary from policy to policy. Before signing anything, make sure you know exactly what is covered but more importantly what things you are not covered for. To help you make the right decision you should think about if certain instances were to happen and you didn’t have the insurance to cover them, what would you do? In short, you need to decide what is important to you and make sure that the policy you are considering provides the right level of cover for your circumstances. This will help you avoid any unexpected surprises if you are unfortunate enough to make a claim. With this is mind price isn’t everything. Although trying to find cheap travel insurance is what most people look for the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best. This is because the policy is probably cheap because it offers the least amount of cover.

There are a huge range of policies available so it is worth taking the time to find the best cover and value for money to suit your needs. Travel insurance can be bought from insurers, insurance brokers, the post office, banks and supermarkets. Buying travel insurance through a tour operated or travel agent is typically much higher than what is available elsewhere. Do not be fooled by holiday operators who insist that you take out their own insurance. Some aspects that are likely to affect the price of your insurance include, existing medical conditions, pregnancy, whether you have a history of claims, are over 65 and are taking part in adventurous activities

European Health Insurance

As a UK resident you are entitled to free, or reduced, state produced healthcare when visiting a European Union country. This can be used to cover any necessary medical treatment due to either an accident or illness during your trip. To be covered you must obtain a European Health Insurance Card, which you can get free of charge from Post Offices, online or over the phone. However, the European Health Insurance Card should not be treated as a substitute or replacement for private travel insurance. This is because few countries pay the full cost of the medical treatment and you often have to pay for medicines and beds. Furthermore, additional travel, accommodation and repatriation costs are not covered which is why you should consider the benefits of travel insurance to make sure any medical costs are covered should the unexpected happen.

What is covered?

No insurance policy will cover absolutely everything that can happen during a trip but policies will aim to provide cover for the most common problems. When you are on holiday it is important that you don’t take any unnecessary risks and please remember that most insurers do not cover drink or drug related incidences or leaving valuables or possessions unattended.

Some things that are covered in most insurance policies include:

– Travel delays – Unfortunately many people experience travel delay but with this cover you will receive compensation for any additional costs incurred while waited for a delayed departure.

– Cancellations – You may have to cancel your trip or cut it short because you have fallen or ill or had an accident, been made redundant or been called up on jury service.

– Missed departure – This provides assistance and support to reach your final destination if you miss your departure.

– Lost/ stolen items – Compensation for baggage, belongings, money, passports

– Emergency medical treatment and repatriation – Some countries may have a limited public health services and the costs can be extremely high. You can be sure that you are covered for unforeseen illness, injury or accident and repatriation to the UK

– Personal liability – If during your trip you are responsible for accidentally injuring someone or damaging their property there is a chance that you could be sued. This is important if you are taking part in activities where there is risk of collision with someone such as skiing.

– Legal expenses – Many policies provide cover for the cost of legal action to obtain compensation if you are injured while away and someone is responsible for that accident.

There are many additional cover options that can include:

– Winter sports – If you are going on a winter sports holiday you should think about a specialist policy that will cover you while on the slopes. This will cover you for all your medical expenses, piste closure and lost theft or damaged ski equipment.

– Hazardous or sports and leisure activities – Can cover you for a range of activities from scuba diving, windsurfing to mountain biking and many more.

– Terrorist incidents – Will cover medical costs and repatriation if you need to be flown home after a terrorist attack. Can also cover damaged goods and the cost of alternative accommodation or flights home.

– Scheduled airline failure – If the airline goes out of business

Existing Health Conditions

Medical emergencies that policies do not cover include claims relating to existing medical conditions that have not been declared and accepted by the insurer. You must therefore disclose any medical conditions because you may be unable to make a successful claim if you need to. You must tell your insurer about your health history. If you had a condition before your trip that you have not declared to the insurance, your insurer may not pay for medical treatment or the costs to get you home for any claim related to that condition. If you have a disability, health condition or illness then this is likely to affect your premium and also the level of cover available.

Aug 25

Travel Insurance

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When you are leaving the country, whether you are going on a romantic holiday or some sort of adventurous backpacking trip with friends you will need to make a decision whether or not you should take out travel insurance. Whilst some people would not even consider leaving the country without it, others are more sceptical. Assessing the pros and cons of travel insurance is a good way to help you make your decision. A benefit of travel insurance is simply for peace of mind. For a lot of holiday makers this is principle reason to get travel insurance. A lot of the time people have saved up for months to go on vacation with family, friends or loved ones and therefore knowing that you will be reimbursed if you have to fly home due to an emergency makes the fact your holiday has been ruined less annoying. This way you will be able to reschedule your holiday in the future without having to pay for the whole thing again.

Moreover travel insurance often provides additional coverage beyond what is available from other sources. For example it can allow you to be reimbursed for lost, delayed, damaged or stolen items like baggage. On top of this it may provide health coverage when you are travelling. Also it may even cover emergency evacuation home.

The disadvantages travel insurance can be unnecessary and you will end up paying for the same thing twice if you do not check the policy thoroughly. For example a lot of credit cards provide travel insurance to their holders and cover for lost, damaged or stolen bags. They can also cover travel accidents and trip interruptions and cancellations. In addition to this you should check your health insurance policy as sometimes they cover health emergencies while abroad and your vehicle insurance may cover your rent a car. So once you have found out what coverage you have you may feel that it is not worth getting out travel insurance.
Another disadvantage is that travel insurance has some limitations. For example if a holiday is ruined due to bad weather it will not cover that. Moreover if you have health problems when you are away but it is pre-existing then you will not be covered. When you are considering travel insurance make sure you read the small print and you understand the terms of the policy properly.

Jun 21

Travel Insurance – What You Need To Know

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Moreover, travel insurance does have some limits and this can put some people off. For example it will not help you if the weather is bad on your holiday and your trip has been ruined and dampened by this. Furthermore it will not cover pre-existing health problems if they come back and haunt you when you are away and of course it does not cover you if you are going to war zones. Also, even though travel insurance will cover the costs if your trip is cancelled it will most likely have limits on coverage related to departure delays and delays en route to your destination. This is why if you are going to purchase travel insurance, read the fine print so that you understand your policy’s specific limitations and terms and condition. And as with any financial product it is important to do your research and make sure you choose the right travel insurance policy and provider for you!

Jun 21

How To Find Cheap Travel Insurance

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Different travel insurance companies cover different things so it is important to read up on each insurance deal before you purchase to make sure the insurance package covers the right things for you. Most travel insurance policies provide health coverage when travelling abroad and this is often not covered by health insurance policies abroad. This health coverage can go as far as even covering emergency evacuation back home which is important if you are taken critically ill or you critically hurt yourself when you’re away.

If you are going to be taking part in some activates that are potentially dangerous, like some extreme sports for example skiing or diving then your should make sure you take out specialist coverage to make sure you are covered then there should e no problem if you need to pay out.

However there are those of you who may feel that travel insurance is unnecessary if you already have enough coverage from other areas. For example, many credit cards provide holders with travel assistance and travel protection benefits, such as coverage for lost or stolen, damaged or delayed bags, or if you have an accident when you are away, or even if your trip is interrupted or cancelled for some reason. Furthermore your health insurance policy may cover health emergencies while you are abroad. Also you may find that your vehicle insurance policy may cover you when you rent a car, and on top of this your homeowner’s policy may even cover theft while you are on holiday. Therefore due to these covers from other sources it is important before you purchase travel insurance to check with your credit card company what their policy for the specific coverage provided by your card and with your health, vehicle and with your homeowners insurance companies to find out what coverage your policies provide when you are away from home. Once you have found out what coverage you have you may come to the conclusion that the few additional benefits that you get from travel insurance are not worth paying for.

Jun 21

The Importance Of Travel Insurance. Why Get Travel Insurance?

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Everyone looks forward to going on their holidays, we all save up and make sacrifices so we can enjoy those one or two special weeks away that we have booked. We all look forward to eating nice food, seeing sights and taking in new cultures. However there are certain serious things you that you need to consider before you go on holiday. One of the most important questions that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should get travel insurance. Some people would never even think about leaving the country without getting travel insurance, others however would go on all sorts of sporting holidays and not even consider getting it.

Those people who always opt for travel insurance think that not to buy travel insurance is like “a fire-fighter walking into a burning building without their fireproof jacket on” in other words to go on holiday without travel insurance is going on holiday unprepared. Moreover for many people taking out travel insurance is essential for peace of mind. As said early a holiday abroad is often an emotionally packed purchase that you will look forward to therefore peace of mind is important. The security of knowing that if you are forced to cancel or interrupt your trip due to medical or family emergency, you will be reimbursed so that you can afford rearrange your holiday in the future and you will not be left angry or disappointed as you would be if you had not taken out travel insurance. Moreover another reason people tend to take out travel insurance is due to incremental coverage. More often than not Travel insurance may provide additional coverage beyond what is available from other sources. For example it is not uncommon to go on holiday the flight has gone smoothly arrive at the airport baggage reclaim and after waiting an hour and half you realise that you luggage isn’t go to come out on the conveyer belt and it has been lost or damaged somewhere along the way. If you have travel insurance they will help you sort this out and it is more likely you will get reimbursed if the luggage was lost or stolen.

Furthermore it is not just lost or stolen luggage while travelling that the travel policy will reimburse you for, you are covered for lost and stolen belongings such as sunglasses, however there might be some limits on cash and some individual items, and this is why it is important to be clued up with your travel insurance policy and ensure you read the terms and conditions. On top of this travel insurance can be useful if you have to cut your holiday short due to some unforeseen emergency some policies may pay out to cover your trip back home.

Jun 21

If You’re Going On Holiday Make Sure You Have The Right Travel Insurance

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When you plan a trip one of the most important decisions that you need to make is whether or to get travel insurance. For many people this is the norm and they would never step out of their home without it. A lot of the time people take out travel insurance for peace of mind. For many travellers this is the main reason to take out travel insurance. The security of knowing that if you have to cancel your trip or it has to be interrupted due to family or medical emergencies, you will be reimbursed so that so that you can afford to reschedule the trip in the future. Moreover travel insurance provides you with incremental coverage. This means that you will be provided with additional coverage beyond what is available from other sources. For example it can boost the reimbursement rate for lost delayed, damaged or stolen bags over airline limits. Furthermore it may provide you with health coverage when you are overseas, and this could include emergency evacuation home.

However, there are some things you should consider before you take out travel insurance. Firstly it may be unnecessary. Often people find that they already have adequate coverage from other sources such as credit cards. Often credit card providers provide holders with travel assistance and travel protection benefits. Moreover you health insurance policy may cover health emergencies while travelling. So it is important to check with your credit card provider or health insurance policy and ensure that if you purchase travel insurance you are not paying for certain coverage twice and wasting your money!

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